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Keep Your Floors Shining

Hardwood floors are an expensive investment and can add charm to any home. All floors need cleaning periodically to make sure that they stay clean but also so that they stay protected. Dirt, grime, and sand can wear down hardwood floor specifically overtime if not kept clean. Having your floors professionally cleaned will protect your investment and keep your floors looking great!

How often you clean your floors will depend largely on how much traffic your floors receive. Entryways especially need extra attention to because we are always going in and out of our homes. Things like a rug can help protect these areas but that dirt and grime can get underneath the rug and still damage the floor over time. We recommend your floors be thoroughly cleaned 1-4 times a year depending on the foot traffic in your home.

Our Process

Hardwood floor cleaning is essential to keeping your hardwood floors safe from damage. At Heaven’s Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning, we not only clean your floors but we also apply a protectant to keep your floors safe from future scuffs and dirt.

When we clean your floors, we vacuum the entire surface and make sure of the removal of all surface dirt and debris. Once we finish the dirt removal process, we use our special floor cleaning equipment along with our floor cleaning solution to tackle any stains or hard to clean areas. Once the floor is completely clean we apply our floor protectant to make sure that your floor will continue to shine for as long as possible.

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